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2015 – The Story So Far…

Subtec receives ISO 9001

Well it’s been a hectic start to 2015 but  Subtec is pleased to announce that we were recently awarded ISO 9001- a certified quality management system , showing that we consistently manufacture excellent products satisfying our customers requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet deadlines and complete all our products to the highest standards. We are extremely pleased with this commendation.

Inspex 1080

To aid our commitment to developments we have also installed an Inspex 1080, a high definition camera inspection system so that we can continue to offer the high quality electronic manufacturing.

Inspex 1080

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The Inspex 1080 – improving the quality of our electronic manufacturing services still further

The Inspex HD1080 offers superb full 1080p HD image quality, colour reproduction, contrast and resolution, whilst real time, on screen measuring grids and cursors provide a simple and effective way to measure without a PC.

We’re really excited to be using this technology as we continue to look to push boundaries all the time.

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