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PCB Prototyping

Comprehensive PCB Prototyping Design and Assembly Services

With a very strong knowledge of the production process, we are often called upon by our clients to assist with a wide variety of PCB Prototyping services.

Our expertise means that we can get involved from the onset at the initial design concept of a prototype PCB

PCB Prototyping

assembly, ensuring a “production friendly” final design.

With a wide range of skills and access to the relevant technology to develop not only the PCB prototype assembly, our capabilities allow us to produce other products as well – such as metalwork.

Why Use SUBTEC for PCB Prototyping? 

  • From PCB design to assembly of the Prototype, deal with just one company – giving you consistency in approach.
  • All components & PCB’s sourced by Subtec or free issue, helping keep costs down.
  • No production or set up charges.
  • Full product turnkey prototyping.

PCB Prototype Assembly Capabilities

We have a broad range of PCB prototyping technology available including 0402 & fine pitch SM placement utilising semi-automatic Pick & Place stations with solder paste dispensing.  This means you will have no set-up or tooling costs and allows for easy modification of prototypes when proving new designs.  There are also double-sided mixed technology assemblies available.

We also work with designers who will find the most cost effective way to produce a layout and also have the technical knowledge to enable us to advise on the best production methods for each particular design – ensuring a high quality product that is competitively priced.


Hand, Wave & Reflow soldering techniques can be applied, depending on specific customer requirements, allowing diversity in the PCB prototyping we can offer.

PCB Prototype Inspection

We also can ensure the highest quality standards with implementation of a Lynx Vision System to fully inspect the precision of your PCB Prototype.

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