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Surface Mount PCB Assembly

Cost Effective SMT Circuit Board Assembly.

Our aim is to produce cost effective SMT (surface mount technology) PCB assembly and mixed technology assemblies without compromising on quality.

With capacity for low to high volume projects. Low volume, 1, 10, 50, scientific instruments, complex double sided. High volume 10,000 single sided totally machine built LED boards.

Surface Mount board coming out of the re-flow oven

Surface Mount board coming out of the re-flow oven

With our purpose built premises, we can  utilise various traditional and innovative surface mount methods available to us on-site to give you a diverse range of Surface Mount circuit board assembly services.

Why Use Subtec?

  • Quick turnaround –  to suit your time-scales.
  • Stock holding facilities – for scheduled orders allowing us to react quickly to customer requirements
  • Automated assembly –  for high volume orders ensuring a speedy turnaround
  • Hand assembly – for low volume orders meaning no set up or tooling charges

Yamaha iPulse Machine

The installation of a Yamaha iPulse machine has enabled us to considerably increase our production capabilities and throughput, which means faster delivery and project turnaround for all of our clients. Windows driven software with CAD data import reduces setup times and enables repeat jobs to be loaded very quickly

Pick and Place System

We have three multi-headed Pick & Place machines with both laser and vision component recognition and fiducial correction to ensure accurate repetitive high volume placement.

Placement of 0402 components up to large QFP and odd form can also be catered for. This capability allows us to assemble more densely populated or smaller circuit boards with complete precision.

Semi-automatic placement

Small quantities of surface mount PCB assemblies can be produced quickly and efficiently using our semi-automatic dispense and placement unit. Manual component placement helps keep costs lower by eliminating tooling costs. Ideal for prototyping and small batch production or for boards which have a wide variety of low volume components.

Stencil Printing

With an in-house semi-automatic stencil printer with Tecan ‘Genesis’ system and 535 mm stainless steel foil stencils, we can assemble larger panels whilst ensuring high levels of accuracy & repeatability with lead free solder paste on fine pitch pads. Capable of printing panels up to 500 mm square.

Reflow solder oven

ERSA Hotflow 3 reflow oven using a 15” wide conveyor. 5 zones for accurate temperature profiling for both large and small p.c.b.s.


Yestek Automated Optical Inspection with component recognition and Lynx Vision Systems are used to help ensure precision detail is of the highest standards.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Our Ultrasonic cleaning bath will accommodate PCB’s up to 400 x 250 mm. The removal of flux and other residue left during the production process aids inspection and gives a pristine finish, ideal for conformal coating when required.

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