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PCB Electronic Component Procurement

Quality PCB Components Sourced at Competitive Prices.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive database and stock of PCB components with excellent long term relationships with distributors and PCB component suppliers.

Using our extensive links we can ensure best the possible levels of pricing and service when it comes to selecting the best in PCB components.

Our services include metalwork fabrication, screen printing & product packaging, enabling the supply of fully packaged products

Our electronic component procurement services offer;

  • A “one stop shop” – With PCB component procurement and assembly all available from one company means a more cost effective solution, as well as just one purchase order and one invoice even when there are a multitude of components.
  • Industry Knowledge – ensuring you get the best PCB components for your needs.
  • Stock-holding for scheduled orders – helps deliver a swift turnaround.
  • Strong industry relationships – helps us source the best PCB components at the best prices.

PCB Component Procurement Capabilities

With our extensive knowledge of PCB layout and build, we understand what sets a good component apart from a bad component. Factors such as product quality and long term reliability are factored into every buying decision.

Economies of Scale

Since SUBTEC procure components for so many organisations, we have strong buying power, which reduces pricing and lowers the cost for the end user considerably – allowing us to deliver quality PCB components at the best prices.

Industry Knowledge – Forecasting PCB component Costs.

There are many factors which affect the pricing of components. Our strong industry links enable us to forecast a rise or fall in pricing. Using us to implement intelligent purchasing can ultimately save you money on the very best PCB components.

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